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Recommended websites for "Istria from Smrikve" readers is a free, web-based, collaborative, three languages (croatian, italian, english) encyclopedia project supported and promoted by the Region of Istria.

Istrapedia was put on line in 2009 and was the first regional encyclopedia present on the web. The project is envisaged to record, preserve and spread the Istrian cultural heritage.

Vinistra is the Association of Winegrowers and Winemakers of Istria founded in 1994 with aim to: share the knowledge among producers; nurture and preserve traditional winemaking customs; present, promote and create the image of Istrian wines, and help winemakers to reach the excellence in their field.

Vinistra (the Association) organises and presents Istrian wine producers nationally and internationally.

The Association has over 100 members, including the best and most prominent Istrian winemakers, and including also the young winemakers at the beginning of their career.

Majority of the Vinistra Association members are part of the "Istria from Smrikve" winemakers database. is a website project promoted by the Region of Istria and Metamedij Association with aim to develop and provide the cultural information services in the Region of Istria.

The main goal of this project is to offer information about recent events, as well as give access to different data bases, which contain information about the people involved in the Istrian cultural scene, cultural events, international contests, and international partners. website was created by the Istrian Tourism Board and the Department for Tourism of the Istrian Region to serve as a culinary Istrian portal.

Gastronomy or culinary  tourism unifies a broad spectrum of projects from agritourism to Wine Roads, Open Cellars Day, Truffle Days, bicycle trailes and many other elements being part of the Istrian tourism offer.

Over 200 families of top quality restaurants and top quality winemakers and olive oil producers presented in are part of the "Istria from Smrikve" database. website was created by the Istrian Tourism Board and the Department for Tourism of the Istrian Region to serve as a bike trailes portal of Istria. Cycling is a very popular activity. The most famous route is the former railroad Parenzana that has been turned via cross border project into an attraction for bycicle riders. It is 78 km route where you can enjoy tunnels and bridge, as well as the natural beauty of the countryside and picturesque hilltop towns described in "Istria from Smrikve".

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