Sun - wind - clouds
in more than tennis

Times change, but our dedication to perfecting the traveler experience in Istria never will.

Smrikve Lounge is next to one of Pula’s and Istria finest private tennis Clubs - featuring top quality red clay courts, Smrikva Bowl library, and beautiful garden with pool.

Tennis is played in Smrikve for almost three decades. Since 1996, Smrikva Bowl has been gathering "the seeds of the Champions of today and Legends of tomorrow". Today the Smrikva seeds are spread all over the continents of our Planet in almost 90 countries.

There are a lot of people who call you by your name, but there's some who make it to the top and get titled "the Legend"… "the Legend" inspire by example…

Smrikve Lounge is a continuation of the Smrikve story designed to provide the "Legends of tomorrow" with a special place for their return to Istria - as thier home, and the place for you as "a home away from home".

"Istria from Smrikve" is another project from Smrikva Bowl and LOUNGE founder. A gift to Smrikve and the people who enjoy discovering different cultures. This virutal book aim to provide the reader with useful information for the places that should be visited in Istria and promote the place as cultural and World heritage destination.

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