All ombra di alberi d ulivo, in un giardino coronato da due fontane, questa villa di stile antico, offre un oasi di pace e tranquillità. Funzionale per una vacanza famigliare, dal solarium sul terrazzo, alla piscina , ai campi da tennis , alla passeggiata nel bosco adiacente, al mare poco lontano, offre tutti i confort per persone di ogni età. Gentilissimo il proprietario, sempre a disposizione per consigliare, allietare, e risolvere ogni piccolo problema.

Vittorio M. (Italy) - 2020

Vážený pán Miodrag Bozovic aj ja s mojou rodinou ďakujeme za ubytovanie, pohostenie a výborný prístup.

Bolo nám super ,len keby sme boli trochu dlhšie. Budeme radi ak vás v budúcnosti budeme môcť navštíviť. Ďakujeme.

S pozdravom

Somogyiová family (Slovakia) - 2020

I would like to thank Miodrag and his family for a wonderful holiday. Their hospitality and kindness is amazing.
This beautiful place is great not only for tennis lovers but for all who want to spend a great holiday in a beautiful and interestingly furnished house. The house is furnished with great attention to detail and with a love of history and tennis. At the same time, there is everything that modern man requires. Villa Charme thus creates a unique atmosphere.

The villa is surrounded by specious garden with lots of trees and other plants, so we could drink coffee or beer in a pleasant environment.

Thanks to Miodrag, I've learned a lot of interesting things about the area and its history. The children really liked the pool and the opportunity to see the animals on the adjacent land. The location of Smrikve is perfect. It is close to Pula, Fažana and the beach is only a few minutes away by car.

We spent in the Villa Charme beautiful 12 days and I believe we will return to this amazing place.

Petr Škranc with Family (Czech Republic) - 2020

Villa Smrikve Charme is a wonderful opportunity to leave everyday life aside. The house is exceptional in many ways. The architectural style and furnishings are traditional. Nevertheless, it creates a modern and open atmosphere. The open living room with a fireplace and a grand piano conveys well-being! At the same time, everything is available in the house to take care of yourself and your family and friends. Early in the morning you can enjoy a beautiful sunrise from the bedroom above. The sun shines between the many plants and trees in the garden in front of the Villa Smrikve Charme and brings anticipation to the day.

I personally believe that the Villa Smrikve Charme house, like everything else on and around the Bozovic family estate, adapts to the heart-warming loving qualities of the family as hosts and people, making it even more beautiful. Chin and Mimi are always ready to give tips, help and are extremely relaxed and approachable at all times. Talking to Mimi miraculously leads you to understand that certain people can give you an even more cosmopolitan look, an even more mature understanding of things, and an enriching experience. The same applies to Dana and Tomo. Together with Dana, I've been able to rescue a goat from an awkward situation in the zoo adjacent to the property ;) Tomo gets up an hour earlier in the morning before his regular tennis lessons and trains me knowingly that I'm far from an ATP ranking ;) . These are my experiences with the Bozovic family, which keep me coming to spend my time in Istria in Smrikve, preferably in the Villa Charme.

Mario Banovic (Germany) - 2019

Thank you dear friends for everything you are doing for young tennis talents! Your spirits gives so much both on and of the court! With love and passion you also contribute to a better world. These days it also gives power to overcoming the virus. We hope that we soon can come back and stay at your beautiful Villa Smirkve Charme! A house full of tennis nostalgia, messages and love. Stay safe and be strong with love from

The family Gabelic (Sweden) - 2018

Villa Smrikve Charme e' una villetta comoda, piena di luce, con un antico pianoforte a coda immerso in un ambiente confortevole e semplice ed allo stesso tempo pieno di cultura. Abbiamo trovato tutto il necessario per abitarci e ci siamo sentiti come a casa nostra. Abbiamo visitato Smrikve piu' volte per la nostra passione per il tennis ed anche se dentro la villetta ce ne erano molti riferimenti al tennis la casetta favoriva il distacco dallo stesso, questo ambiente ci faceva sentire diversamente che in campo e favoriva il necessario riposo dopo tante ore di tennis e di lezione.

Mario, Veronica, Paolina Pieragostini (Italia, El Salvador) – 2018+

Dear Mio and Chin, thank you again for your kindness and hospitality when we stayed at the Villa!  You and your family are the best hosts ever!  We believe that everyone should travel to and visit Pula, one of the most beautiful places on Earth.  Once there, everyone should stay at the Villa.  We miss the unique blend of history and culture with modern comforts and technology.  Our entire family found peace and relaxation in the surrounding olive trees, spacious fields, and the bluest skies we have ever seen.  Playing tennis in such a perfect environment was a dream to all of us.  Hope to visit you again soon!

Michael, Carina, Hannah Kaile & Jacob Kailiang Shen (Hong Kong) – 2017+

We have stayed at the Villa Smrikve Charme in 2016. We were two adults and two kids. The house is lovely decorated! it is perfect for day trips to the beach and to visit the surrounding sights, ancient towns and the islands. The hosts Chin and Miodrag are extremely friendly and we felt like home. The kids also loved to feed the animals in the back of the garden. Will come back!

Harald Feifel with family (Germany) - 2016

Dear Mio, Every great things starts with Great Spirit and great family. When it comes with love this combination leds to endless activities that led to more and more spread of soul. This spread is from your family to the tennis kids and tennis players globally, all around the world. We are so happy for our visit in 2016 to your country and for meeting your family. During the visit we enjoyed the hospitality and the fantastic organization of the competition. The small gifts and the big stories all-together stay in our hearts. I wish you the power to keep going and going and keep it special as it is!! With big love and kiss to all.

Eli, Nobel and Levitin family (Israel) - 2016

This wonderful unique and cozy villa deliver high quality, value for money, comfort and friendly services. Mr Mio is always there to bring you anything you request and helping curious us to leave problem behind through spontaneous experiences. Especially local culture and history, he even wrote an e-book fro his own villa webpage to provide all tourists the guide to choose places to visit, to eat and to explore the nature of Istra.

This villa design is inspired by traditional Istrian style. With all the unique and functional designs plus beautiful decorations we had a very unforgettable and luxurious stay.

Nice pool, big and specious green garden, 3 world classt ennis clay courts and with a mini zoo at the backyard were the bonuses for the villa.

This is the most amazing two weeks stay for me and my family so far. Thanks a lot to Mr Mio and many helps from his kind family. We will defenitely come back in the near future.

Sam Lim (Singapore) - 2015

U Villi Charme je zasigurno bilo naše najljepše ljetovanje do sada - predivan smještaj, bajkovita okućnica, divni ljudi koje cemo pamtiti cijeli život. To ljeto je moja curica imala samo dva mjeseca, sin 4 i pol godine. Dok je ona spavala, moj sinčić i ja smo provodili poslijepodne uživajući na bazenu. Suprug je uživao u miru Ville ispijajući vino. Vrlo često pričamo o Charme i gledamo slike te se prisjećamo tog divnog ljeta... Sigurni smo da ćemo se vratiti još koji put jer Bugi, koja je tad bila beba, dugujemo da i ona doživi Villu Charme. Hvala na čarobnom ljetu u predivnoj Villi Charme i vidimo se ponovno :)

Buga, Leo, Vedran i Olivera Batula Franjković (Zagreb) - 2015

We loved the little house Villa Charme.  It was beautiful from inside and outside. It had all the conveniences we wanted and needed. Fet like a home away from home. And best of all, it was so close to the tennis courts!

Ove , Laire & Matthias Uwe Kask (Canada) - 2015

In 2014 we had the absolute pleasure to stay almost a week (during the Smrikva Bowl) at the Villa SMRIKVE Charme, or as it then was called ”the small yellow house”. The memory of the stay in the house and the gardens, is something we will keep in our hearts for our entire life! So charming, so friendly, and so peaceful!!! A real dream week!!! Thanks a million times to Miodrag and the Bozovic family for taking care of us!!!

Johan and Elias Engquist (Sweden) - 2014

Staying at Smrikve’s Villa Charme enhanced our family’s participation in the Smrikva Bowl 2013 substantially. We were able to live in a fantastic house and experience all the tennis, the drama, the celebrations and the intensity – right on our doorstep. Mio is a fantastic host and we will return, even if there is no tennis. Traveling to Pula and the Istria region is so easy and fully rewarding. You will mis a bit of heaven if you miss the opportunity to stay in Villa Charme at least once in your life.

Louis, Heila and Arista Siebrits (South Africa) - 2013

Već nekoliko godina prijatelji smo Smrikve i svaki put oduševljenje je kao da smo prvi puta tamo. Čim odškrinete ulazna vrata dvorišta, osjetite posebnu toplinu, sreću i zadovoljstvo, a na svakom koraku prema "našoj" kućici, ljudsko oko može teško pratiti svu tu ljepotu i ljubav prema svakom detalju. Samim ulaskom u kućicu osjećamo se kao da smo dio te prekrasne priče i toplina koju nam kućica pruža daje nam osjećaj kao da smo u vlastitom domu. Mimi i njegova obitelj su divni i prekrasni ljudi koji isijavaju i zrače  nevjerojatno pozitivnom energijom koja se prenosi na sve nas, a životne priče i iskustva ostavljaju bez daha. Zaljubljeni smo u cijelu tu priču kao i "našu" kućicu i nadamo se skorom dolasku i ugodnom druženju.

Obitelj Vidović (Vanja, Luka, Renata i Zoran)- 2012 +

Prvi put smo stigli u Smrikve, u kućicu Smrikve, u avgustu 2012. godine. Smrikve su nam preporučili prijatelji i za to smo zauvek zahvalni.

Ako birate kućicu, znajte da ulazite u mini bajku, u prostor u kome je svaki detalj osmišljen vrlo pažljivo, do detalja. Različiti predmeti govore o istoriji i kulturi Istre, ali i o strasti koju domaćini gaje prema tenisu kao sportu koji širi diplomatiju i razumevanje među mladim teniserima širom sveta.

Svideo nam se veliki prostor u prizemlju, za dnevni boravak, spojen sa kuhinjom u kojoj možete za čas spremiti hranu dok gledate kroz prozor u zelenilo koje ispunjava svaki deo imanja. Odatle stepenice vode na sprat do sobe sa kupatilom i snove u miru Smrikvi.

U kućici imate utisak da ste u svetu za sebe. Divan travnjak ispred kuće, uokviren drvećem i cvećem, i detaljima naizgled razbacanim unaokolo, a zapravo pažljivo odabranim, blizina bazena, gazeba kao idealnog mesta za doručak, ili konobe i prijatnih, predusretljivih domaćina, teniskih terena.. Kućica omogućava da u isto vreme imate potpuni mir i intimu, kao i pregršt mogućnosti na samom imanju i u blizini. Nezaboravan boravak i divne fotografije za koje nas je svako pitao: Gde je ovaj raj?

Ksenija i Alisa Graovac (Beograd) – 2012 +

My family and I were lucky to visit Smrikva several times, starting from 2011.  Villa Smrikve Charme is a very cozy and comfortable big apartment that can accommodate several people. The villa has a beautiful garden with fruit trees, a swimming pool and most importantly - tennis courts!  We have come to Miodrag for competitions and tennis tournaments many times!  And every time we received a great welcome and many pleasant services.  Homely atmosphere, the highest level of service and hospitality!  We always miss Smrikva and its owners!  Highly recommend this wonderful place as a residence during your holidays and tournaments!

Gleb, Irina, Maria - Masha Timofeeva (WTA player) and Friends (Moscow) – 2011 +

The house was beautiful even before the 11th year when we first came to Stinjan. We fell in love at first sight, in a villa that exudes warmth, cosyness and love. Since that year, we have not missed a year, we are coming back because you will not find such a paradise anywhere. The most wonderful friendly and warm family that own the villa, every year finds ways to beautify and refine some detail. This year, I was blown away by the sprawling version of the villa that has more light and space. I look forward to the day when we go to Stinjan again.

Irina Ljubić with family (Lara, Hana i Aleksandar Stojanovski) – 2010 +

Ho conosciuto il centro SMRIKVE nell'anno 2010 ed è stato subito un amore a prima vista,  un colpo di fulmine. Da allora fino al 2019 sono tornato in questo paradiso del tennis e non solo,  almeno una volta all'anno. Ho dunque avuto il privilegio di soggiornare in tutte le dimore della famiglia Bozovic ville comprese. Ho soggiornato spesso con tutta la mia famiglia , altre volte con amici del tennis , altre ancora con miei colleghi di lavoro. Ognuna di queste dimore possiede il suo fascino e la propria storia, villa Smrikve Charme è quella che io  chiamo un "nido" d'amore, un "rifugio" perfetto per staccare la spina e ricaricarsi fisicamente, mentalmente e spiritualmente. Proprio davanti a questa villa vi è un albero di ulivo piantato nel 2010, dai ragazzini e  "ambasciatori" dello smrikva bowl. Complimenti ha chi ha progettato e arredato  questa meravigliosa villa,  che solo dopo qualche anno , ho scoperto che sei stato proprio tu, Miodrag , l'artefice. Un ringraziamento  va a Te Miodrag e a tutta la tua Famiglia , per l'ospitalità e la gentilezza nei miei confronti , siete delle belle persone vi ho nel cuore. Con affetto e l'augurio di poterci vedere anche in questo anno particolare, ti saluto e ti abbraccio.

Maurizio Genoese con la famiglia - Monza Biranza (Italy) - 2010+

Villa Smrikve Charme potpuno zaslužuje svoje ime, jer čim je vidite odmah vas začara svojim šarmom.  

Kada smo moj nećak i ja prvi put boravili u njoj, zvali smo je kućicom. Imala je dva nivoa, u donjem delu je bila kuhinja i trpezarija sa kaučom, a na spratu sobu sa velikim krevetom, radnim stolom i kupatilom. To je bila moja srećna soba, tu sam pisala doktorat, dok mi je dodatnu motivaciju davao nećak koji je marljivo trenirao na teniskim terenima. Sada je to već villa, sa dve spavaće sobe, dva kupatila o terasom. Još uvek ima starinski šmek, i stari klavir. Nalazi se u rajskom vrtu, okružena prelepim cvećem i fontanom, u kojoj je naša prijateljica Nina hvatala kornjačice.

Tu je odmah i predivna istarska hiža domaćina Božovića, najsložnije i najvrednije porodice na svetu, iz koje dopire smeh, božanstveni miris hrane, a mogu se čuti i zvuci harmonike domaćina Mimija. Oni su uvek tu, spremni da pomognu i da ugoste domaćom hranom i vinom i maslinovim uljem iz njihove proizvodnje.

More je blizu, pet minuta vožnje kolima, ali bazen u dvorištu, prelepa bašta, mali zoo sa domaćim životinjama i teniski tereni često otežavaju odlazak na more. Toliko je sve lepo i udobno da zaboravite da ste došli na more, i svaki dan govorite sutra ćemo na more. I sledece godine, naravno, ne možete da odolite a da se ne vratite u šarmantnu villu i kod najboljih domaćina Božovića!

Tanja Pavlov i Miomir Kecmanović (ATP player) 2008 +