La Bottega di Smrikve - Tennis School

… “La Bottega” di Smrikve is envisaged as tennis talents fine tuning workshop dedicated to the “seeds of the Legends of tomorrow”…


Smrikve, 2007 – August 2011 – 2017

Just a bit more than nine years ago I started to dedicate more and more time to the Smrikve Tennis School development… over time named “La Bottega”…

… it is a natural development of a passion started in 1986 when my parents built our first tennis court… and it is a natural development of a story started in 1996 when the Smrikva Bowl tennis talents story began…

…it was 2007 when I returned back home to Smrikve and started to put basis for “La Bottega” di Smrikve… a very special global tennis talents workshop dedicated to the “seeds of the Legends of tomorrow”…

In September 2009 I attended PTR International Certification Workshop… and as the ancient Greek Plato said “the beginning is the most important part of any work”… Confucius, at the same time, on the other part of the Earth noted how “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”… :)

both of them are inspiring quotes and my dedication to this little school is driven by the above… many books read, videos watched, dedicated hours and courses followed are behind… and I am pleased to share a thing I belive in and that was added to the name of the school…

…it is the story of La Bottega… :)


During the Renaissance period La Bottega (the art and craft workshop) was the nursery site for the formation of the artists… and was probably the source of the Renaissance itself…

Inside La Bottega we can imagine pupils, still children, that began to take their first steps into the world of art… growing their talent side by side with the greatest artists that later on made history…

La Bottega was managed by a Master who was setting the work commissioned… which, in end, has been completed by students dividing the work according to the abilities…

The work of art was therefore not the result of a single artist but of an entire workshop although the teacher worked personally doing parts to make the work uniform and close to perfection…

The students entered as pupils the workshop to learn the technique and they perfected till they become the experts on their own… All the greatest artists we learn about in schools have grown up in the workshops described above…

The Renaissance workshop was not limited to being a fine school of design (the same as our tennis school is not a simple fine school of tennis) but has served as a cultural center in which the philosophy and scientific knowledge merged with the artistic technique…

The decision to add to the Smrikve Tennis School name the term La Bottega was driven by several elements…

• Smrikve was always envisaged as something more than tennis (library, culture, olive oil and wine,…)

• the fact that in Smrikve we have limited resources we decided to focus on the quality and individual approach…

TALENTED PLAYERS THAT WE ACCEPT DURING THE YEAR FOR SHORTER PERIODS OF TIME AS GUESTS OF OUR SCHOOL ARE LINKED TO THE SMRIKVA BOWL NETWORK… over 1800 tennis talents spread in 85 countries and all the continents… the preference of the accepted players always go to the talents we had opportunity to meet during Smrikva Bowl or players recommended by the Smrikva Bowl Ambassadors… traditionally they have good understanding of the Smrikve philosophy…

• in end, the same as in La Bottega, in our tennis school the older students (competitors) are trained to help the younger in their growth… thus knowledge sharing at all the levels is another of the pillars of La Bottega philosophy :)…

Our school is particular… and in the following you will find few details more about it… ;)

Miodrag Bozovic


Thanks to the passion towards youngest players, that for sure Smrikva Bowl helped to grow over the last 20 years, the Smrikve Tennis Club is dedicating major attention to the youngest tennis players.

The Smrikve Tennis School (La Bottega) aims to provide our school members with the best existing knowledge and methods developed for instructing younger tennis players in their overall growth.

Historically Smrikve Tennis Club was dedicated to the tennis players from 5 to 10 years of age. Currently we are expanding our dedication to the kids up to 14 years of age.

Usually, the kids that are involved in sports activities or in music learn to efficiently allocate their time. Kids learn to become responsible individuals and this could be very important for any professional activity they may decide to pursue in the future.

In particular, in the tennis game there is a need to solve problems individually and it is a good way to develop good habits and also have fun.

Tennis is a lifetime sport from which all age groups find personal enjoyment, opportunities to mix with others socially, as well as the health benefits of vigorous exercise.

Smrikve coaching model is designed to introduce young children to the joys of playing tennis and to encourage them to fall in love with the game.

Munchkin tennis coaching model is designed for children between the ages of 5 to 8. This includes learning basis skills like throwing, catching the ball and other ball skills, hand-eye co-ordination tasks and tennis games for children. It is based on fun-filled movements and games, and not repetitive drills.

For the adults, the Smrikve Tennis School follows the PTR (Professional Tennis Registry) Standard Method developed by Dennis Van Der Meer – the PTR President and Founder. PTR Standard Method has been proved to be the most efficient method in allowing adults to start enjoying tennis after very few hours spent on the court.

For the high performing players, the Smrikve Tennis School follows the TT Method (Tennis Talents Method) developed by Luca Appino – the Tennis Talents Founder and Smrikva Bowl Golden Honorary Member. The four Pillars on which the method is based are: Sensation, Respiration, Timing and Hitting Point.

Miodrag Bozovic (Mimi) and Tomislav Bozovic (Tomo) are currently dedicating most of their time to teach kids more about tennis and sport in general.

Mimi and Tomo are both members of the largest global organization of tennis teachers and coaches named PTR – Professional Tennis Registry.

Miodrag Bozovic – Mio is native from Pula (Pola) – ISTRIA (Croatia) where he completed Scientific High School and Conservatory of Music. He studied accordion and learned to play the guitar and piano on his own. Thanks to music he started to travel abroad.

After high school completion, he lived for 15 years outside ISTRIA, mostly in: Milan, Barcelona, New York and Turin.

During that period he graduated in Business Administration at BOCCONI University (Milan) and in Political Science at Universita’ degli Studi di Milano with focus on International Relations.

Mio also holds Master CEMS degree obtained jointly from ESADE (Barcelona) and BOCCONI. This Master program was focused on European Union development and International Management.

During his Investment Banking professional experience Mio was part of Ambrosetti’s Young Leaders program (Milan) and successfully completed the CITICORP Development Program in finance (New York).

His professional experience includes 9 years of M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) experience in the Investment Banking Industry in prestigious Financial and Advisory Institutions such as: KPMG, JP Morgan, Citigroup, Banca IMI and Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS).

In 1996 he founded Smrikva Bowl and in 2002, jointly with Maureen Connolly Brinker (MCB) Tennis Foundation, Mio founded “Little Mo”/Smrikva Bowl – the first ever under 10 international tennis competition between the US and Europe. Today Smrikva Bowl is considered one of the most important under 10 tennis tournaments in the World.

Mio is PTR Certified Professional Tennis Coach with MAP 3A and Croatian Coaches Tennis Organization member. He is also certified chair and line umpire by Association of Croatian tennis umpires. Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) is the largest global organization of tennis teachers and coaches.

Today he is dedicating his time with passion to Smrikve, Smrikva Bowl organisation and to the youngest tennis players development.

Several of the best European and World developing tennis talents are visiting periodically Mio’s “La Bottega” di Smrikve tennis school…

Tomislav Bozovic was outstanding in gymnastics when he was younger and has dedicated many years to teach generations of pilots how to fly supersonic planes.

Today he is dedicating his time with passion to the youngest players that are willing to learn the basics about tennis and, what is even more important, to learn the values that sports transmit to people in general.

Tomo is PTR Certified Associate Instructor.

The additional talent resource we leverage in Smrikve is Miro Hrvatin (coach).

Miro played and trained with the best Croatian players of his generation: Ivan Ljubicic, Ivo Karlovic, Zeljko Krajan, Roko Karanusic, Ivan Vajda, Lovro Zovko.

His best ranking was # 2 in under 18 age group in Croatia and #4 among seniors. For two consecutive years he was member of the winning team of the first Croatian National league and played Oberliga in Germany.

Miro is currently coaching Miomir Kecmanovic – 14th SB 2009 quarterfinalist. Miomir’s best junior ranking: #1 ITF (Nov 2016).


• teaching to become responsible individuals via tennis game,
• developing good habits via self respect, respect for others and respect for rules,
• focusing on the tennis players up to 14 years of age,
leverage the Smrikva Bowl network to allow the growth of the potential professional tennis players.

Luca Appino is a long term Smrikva Bowl friend and Golden Honorary Member since this title was established. Luca was for many years Babolat Director Of Sports Marketing and contributed to built up Babolat from a string company to one of the largest racquet manufacturers in the World. He is also credited for signing contracts with players such as Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick, Kim Clijsters, Carlos Moya, Dinara Safina, Nadia Petrova, Aravane Rezzai, etc.

In 2009 Luca Appino decided to start, in collaboration with Toni Nadal, to share his experience through TENNIS TALENT TT Path to Success Program. The main service is focused on helping junior talented players and their parents in building their professional tennis career.

The first Tennis Talents program with focus on the Pillars (1. Sensation – 2. Respiration – 3. Timing – 4. Hitting Point) for the Smrikva Bowl 2010 players, families and coaches was held in Smrikve on 28th and 29th of June 2010.

The Class was run by Luca Appino and assisted by Mimi, Miro Hrvatin, Ariana Rabac.

The first Tennis Talents in Smrikve Alumni are:

• Jovana Vukovic
• Tamara Dlacic
• Kosta Petrov
• Alexa Butera
• Kiro Paul Barra
• Andreja Petrovic
• Claire Liu
• Kiran Dhull
• Max Motlagh

1st Smrikva Bowl Tennis Talents Family Week 2015 program with focus on the Tennis Talents Pillars (1. Sensation – 2. Respiration and Muscle Release… Rhythm – 3. Timing and Acceleration – 4. Ideal Point of Contact) and Momentum for the Smrikva Bowl players, families and coaches was held in Smrikve from 18th and 25th of April 2015.

The Class was run by Luca and Mimi… assisted by Tomo, Ivan and Matej.

The first Smrikva Bowl Tennis Talents Family Week Alumni:

• June Bjork
• Leah Gonzales Edwards
• Tadej Mihajlović
• Vardhan Karkal
• Ivan Sabanov
• Matej Sabanov
• Andjela Skrobonja
• Tara Sladaković

2nd Smrikva Bowl Tennis Talents Family Week 2016 run by Luca and Mimi… and assisted by Tomo and Max was held from 16th and 23rd of April 2016.

2nd Smrikva Bowl Tennis Talents Family Week 2016 Alumni:

• Matthias Uwe Kask
• Ana Tara Praček
• Tara Sladaković
• Lorenzo Sciahbasi
• Maria Timofeeva
• Massimo Stupar

3rd Smrikva Bowl Tennis Talents Family Week 2017 run by Luca and Mimi and assisted by Max and Tomo.

The program had focus on the Tennis Talents Method (1. 5 Senses, 2. Muscular release and acceleration, 3. Ideal impact zone, 4. Timing, rhythm and footwork, 5. Tactics: 5 options) and Momentum (the invisible force in tennis) for the Smrikva Bowl players and families was held from 22nd and 29th of April 2017

3rd Smrikva Bowl Tennis Talents Family Week 2017 Alumni:

• Sofia Segui Edmundson
• Edit Cosmo
• Ana Tara Praček
• Ayline Ngantcha Lliso
• Malwina Rowinska
• Stefan Sladaković
• Tara Sladaković
• Roben Gavani
• Yannick Ngantcha Lliso

Professional Tennis Registry – PTR is the largest global organization of tennis teachers and coaches. One of PTR’s key objectives can be summarized in: Setting the Standard for Tennis Teaching Excellence. Professional Tennis Registry provides quality education, global certification, and unsurpassed service to tennis teaching professionals and coaches. With more than 15,000 members in 124 countries, PTR is an inclusive and diverse organization whose members strive to Make a World of Difference in growing the sport of tennis. Miodrag Bozovic and Tomislav Bozovic are both PTR members.

Wilson is #1 tennis racquets and accessories company in the World. Players such as Roger Federer, Juan Martin del Potro, Serena and Venus Williams are some of the famous tennis players currently using Wilson racquets and Wilson is one of the Smrikva Bowl sponsors.

Smrikva Bowl winners are honoured with Wilson International Contracts that are usually given to the most talented players of 14 years of age and older.

Mouratoglou Tennis Academy is #1 tennis Academy in Europe, and among the top Academies in the World. Mouratoglou Tennis Academy provides Smrikva Bowl winners with one week training with their professionals.

LEVERAGE THE SMRIKVA BOWL PLAYERS NETWORK… many players decide to return to Smrikve after their Smrikva Bowl… and the following are some of those who visited Smrikve not only for the Smrikva Bowl… :)

• Hibiki Arimoto
• Antonio Barić
• Zvonimir Babić
• Mattia Bedolo
• Romy Bitorajac
• Marko Boltužić
• Patric Brady
• Edit Cosmo
• Andrey Chirkaev
• Miko Eala
• Sofia Segui Edmundson
• Rares Golescu
• Roben Gavani
• Saška Gavrilovska
• Leah Gonzales Edwards
• Nico Hornitschek
• Davide Innocenti
• Armina Izić
• Milena Jevtović
• Katarina Jokić
• Vardhan Karkal

• Matthias Kask
• Miomir Kecmanović
• Grega Kokalj
• Neven Krivokuća
• Nicola Kuhn
• Maia Lumsden
• Ljev Lutkov
• Nina Marjanović
• Malak Mansy
• Erika Matsuda
• Anastasia Mikheeva
• Teodora Milić
• Nikola Milojević
• Yannick Ngantcha
• Marko Nikolić
• Tea Nikčević
• Kristina Novak
• Remika Ohashi
• Yshai Oliel
• Alberto Orso
• Rio Osoegawa
• Matic Podlipnik
• Ana Tara Praček

• Mattia Rossi
• Malwina Rowinska
• Matej Sabanov
• Ivan Sabanov
• Vesna Savić
• Nico Schmalzl
• Veronica Sirci
• Anđela Skrobonja
• Lara Stojanovski
• Karlo Suevich
• Jasmina Štor
• Maria Timofeeva
• Betina Tokac
• Masaya Tsuruoka
• Luka Vidović
• Jovana Vuković

LEVERAGE and LEARN in most different ways from the TENNIS TALENTS DEVELOPERS THAT HAVE VISITED SMRIKVE THANKS TO THE SMRIKVA BOWL… the following are some of them…

• Romeo Ajduković
• Daniel Angelov
• Luca Appino
• Žaljko Barun
• Umberto Bedolo
• Mario Belamarić
• Fabrizio Bellucci
• Dario Bitorajac
• John Brady
• Brian Christensen
• Lars Christensen
• Francesco Cina’
• Ladislav Demeter
• Vinh Do
• Steve Durie
• Mostafa Abo Elnasr
• Filip Fantoni
• Khaled Farouk
• Aleš Filipčič
• Emilie Foster
• Vjeran Friščić Bajo
• Samuel Gelman
• Marco Girardini
• Muhamed Gondžić
• Boris Grbić
• Rob Hawkins
• Petar Hrnčić

• Domenico Innocenti
• Gordan Janković
• Jovica Jovanović
• Vibor Karanušić
• Hiroyuki Kimata
• Luca Latini
• Lance Luciani
• Milan Lukić
• Roberto Marchigiani
• Javier Marti
• Mariano Martinez
• Toru Matsushima
• Brian McFadden
• Sigi Meeuwes
• Andrei Mikheev
• Patrick Mourtoglou
• Yerko Muller
• Xochitl Nava
• Ivan Navarro
• Stefano Orso
• Ivan Petković
• Ivano Pieri
• Yevgeni Pochter
• Jofre Porta
• Ciprian Porumb
• Tim Proost
• Tine Pufić

• Egor Puntus
• Alice Riklová
• Marco Rossi
• Ariel Shimanov
• Toby Smith
• Marko Tekavec
• Ali Tokac
• Noëlle van Lottum
• Sebastian Vazquez
• Zoran Vidović
• Alessandro Virgili
• Dean Vraneš
• Nicole Zueger
• Aleksandar Živin

LEVERAGE and LEARN from KIDS THAT VISITED and PLAYED IN SMRIKVE for shorter periods… and the following are some of them…

• Karla Ajduković
• Lorenzo Belci
• Yasemin Ada Boru
• Conor Brady
• Cathal Carolan
• Hazel Carolan
• Lloyd Carolan
• Elizaveta Chochiya
• Jaša Cvek
• Andrej Ćirić
• Adrian Đaković
• Alexa Eala
• Milan Gal
• Žan Gorenec Diemat
• Anna Hunkel
• Carla Hunkel

• Srđan Jakovljević
• Jovan Jevtović
• Maxim Landa
• Maria Vittoria Sardella
• Daria Solovyeva
• Mark Mesarič
• Kristijan Mesaroš
• Luka Miklavčič
• Charlise Negri
• Ayline Ngantcha
• Mia Pranjić
• Fran Rakonić
• Pietro Schiavetti
• Oksana Selekhmeteva

• Ana Stojneva
• Mark Šehatović
• Klemen Škorjanc
• Nejc Škorjanc
• Chiara-M.Šokčević
• Blažka Tratnik
• Yulia Valiullina
• Jan Vehovec
• Vuk Vuković
• Gašper Topčič


In 2009 we started the building of the Smrikva Bowl Library. Since then each Smrikva Bowl player is requested to bring with him a cultural book that will remember his stay in Smrikve and will represent his culture of origin that guests of Smrikve will be able to consult, enjoy and discover.

Phisically Smrikva Bowl Library was arranged in August 2011 and is used both as Library space and “La Bottega” teaching room too… thus in our Library you can find Ambassador’s over 920 donated books from 68 countries and the following 195 tennis and sport related books



ALFONSI STEFANO, Tennis, Giunti Editore, Milano, 2007.

ANDERSON BOB, Stretching, Edizioni Mediterranee, Roma, 2010.

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• Several tennis talents spent moments at La Bottega di SMRIKVE UČIONICA (library classroom)… which is another very important part of “La Bottega”… and the following are some of them…

• June Bjork
• Edit Cosmo
• Žan Gorenec Diemat
• Sofia S. Edmundson
• Leah G. Edwards
• Roben Gavani
• Vardhan Karkal
• Matthias Uwe Kask
• Miomir Kecmanović
• Ayline Ngantcha L.
• Yannick Ngantcha L.
• Mark Mesarič

• Tadej Mihajlović
• Luka Miklavčič
• Matic Podlipnik
• Ana Tara Praček
• Malwina Rowinska
• Matej Sabanov
• Ivan Sabanov
• Lorenzo Sciahbasi
• Anđela Skrobonja
• Tara Sladaković
• Stefan Sladaković
• Daria Solovyeva

• Lara Stojanovski
• Maria Timofeeva
• Blažka Tratnik
• Jan Vehovec
• Gašper Topčič

Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) provides top quality education, global certification, and unsurpassed service to tennis teaching professionals and coaches… PTR COURSES AND OTHER FORUMS, CONFERENCES AND SYMPOSIUMS ATTENDED BY LA BOTTEGA DI SMRIKVE TENNIS COACHES

International Certification Workshop run by Marco Vecchi, Marlengo (Italy), September 2009.

Refresh and Retest at Marlengo (Italy), October 2009.

11th International Tennis Symposium at Pro Patria Milano (Italy), speakers: Luke Jensen, Jorge Dipasquale, Daniel Panajotti, Roberto Ravizza, Marco Vecchi, Luigi Bertino, Danilo Pizzorno, Alberto Bovone, Mark Maslowski, Alberto Castellani, Luca Appino, Gabriel Jaramillo, November 2009.

Junior Coaching – Il processo di allenamento giovanile nel tennis dai 10 ai 16 anni, run by Luigi Bertino in Turin (Italy), November 2009.

Refresh and Retest at Belluno (Italy), January 2010.

Tennis Talents workshop run by TT Founder Luca Appino with focus on 1. Sensation – 2. Respiration – 3. Timing – 4. Hitting point, at Smrikve (Croatia), June 2010.

Munchkin Tennis, teaching tennis to kids from 4 to 10 years of age, run by Luigi Bertino in Marlengo (Italy), July 2010.

Annual PTR Tennis Forum Meeting at Vavassori Tennis Academy – Palazzolo (Italy), speakers: Mike Barrell, Luca Avagnina, Luigi Bertino, Marco Vecchi, Sammy Marcantognini, Luigi Casale, Luciano Botti, September 2010.

12th International Tennis Symposium at Sporting Club Milano 3 (Italy), speakers: Chip Brooks, Massimo Puci, Daniel Romero, Claudio Rigolo, Fabrizio Caldaroni, Massimo Sartori, Alberto Castellani, Fabrizio Menabue, Luca Mondazzi, November 2010.

Biomechanics 1 – La Biomeccanica dei Colpi modreni – Servizio – Diritto – Rovescio, run by Luigi Bertino and Danilo Pizzorno at Circolo Tennis – Citta’ di Belluno – 1949 (Italy), March 2011.

Annual PTR Tennis Forum Meeting at Vavassori Tennis Academy – Palazzolo (Italy); speakers: Ken De Hart, Luigi Bertino, Luigi Casale, Fabrizio Procino, Marco Vecchi, Francesco Foschi, Luciano Botti, September 2011.

Advanced Teaching – I canali di apprendimento – La comunicazione allievo-maestro – Esercitazioni, run by Marco Vecchi at Circolo Tennis – Citta’ di Belluno – 1949 (Italy), September 2011.

13th International Tennis Symposium at Centro Pavesi Milano (Italy), speakers: Alberto Castellani, Franco Bonaiti, Antonio Quirino Cipolla, Fabrizio Caldarone, Gianluca Carbone, Renzo Furlan, Massimo Puci, November 2011.

Annual PTR Tennis Forum Meeting at Vavassori Tennis Academy – Palazzolo (Italy); speakers: Lorenzo Beltrame, Gennaro Volturo, Luigi Bertino, Luigi Casale, Francesco Foschi, Pepe Rigamonti, Herbert Schnaubelt, Luciano Botti, September 2012.

Annual PTR Tennis Forum Meeting at Vavassori Tennis Academy – Palazzolo (Italy), speakers: Mark Tennant, Gianluca Vignali, Jean-Marie Bouchy, Stefano Dolce, Luigi Bertino, Herbert Schnaubelt, Luciano Botti, September 2013.

15th International Tennis Symposium at Centro Pavesi Milano (Italy), speakers: Massimo Rossi, Alberto Castellani, Claudio Pistolesi, Antonio Quirino Cipolla, Claudio Mezzadri, Sandra Cecchini, Barbara Rossi, Federico Ricci, Claudio Grassi, Patricio Remodegui, Adriana Serrazanetti, Erasmo Palma, Dragos Madalin Luscan, Laura Golarsa, Gianni Clerici, Toni Nadal, Jonas Svensson, November 2013.

7. KONGRES ZTTH 2014 – 7th Conference of the Croatian Tennis Coaches Association at Coral Melia in Umag (Croatia), speakers: Marijan Dugandžić, Petar Barbaros Tudor, Miljenko Vidović, Gordan Janković, Ico Humić, Boris Balent, Luka Milanović, Aleš Filipčić, Dario Novak, Luka Svilar, March 2014.

Annual PTR Tennis Forum Meeting at Vavassori Tennis Academy – Palazzolo (Italy), speakers: Marc Blouin, Carolina Blouin, Luigi Bertino, Simone Bertino, Herbert Schnaubelt, Luciano Botti, Luigi Casale, Marco Vecchi, Pepe Rigamonti, Piero Maria Picotti, Luca Avagnina, Eduardo Silva, September 2014.

Mental Coaching – Il fattore mentale nel tennis, run by Marco Vecchi, Marlengo (Italy) , September 2014.

16th International Tennis Symposium at Centro Pavesi Milano (Italy), speakers: Massimo Rossi, Alberto Castellani, Dragos Madalin Luscan, Alessandra Parroni, Eduardo Luis Silva, Fulvio Consoli, Patricio Remodegui, Manuela Benzi, Stefano Tamorri, Guglielmo Sorci, Fabrizio Caldarone, Rainer Shuettler, Gorio Mandozzi, Renato Palma, Tiziano Gamba, November 2014.

Croatian Tennis Umpires Registry (Zbor Teniskih Sudaca Hrvatske) – Chair and Lines Umpires Course (Tečaj za glavne i linijske suce) at Smrikve (Pula – Croatia), speakers: Mila Knežević and Mladen Tomšić, November 2014.

• 1st Smrikva Bowl Tennis Talents Family Week 2015 – SBTTFW 2015 (Sensation, Breathing and Muscle Release – Rhythm, Timing and Acceleration, Ideal Point of Contact, Movement, Momentum): speaker: Luca Appino, April 2015.

17th International Tennis Symposium at Centro Pavesi Milano (Italy), speakers: Massimo Rossi, Alberto Castellani, Dimitrav Katsanos, Patricio Remodegui, Salvador Navarro, Luca Bottazzi, Francesco Gambetti, Fabrizio Senatore, Franco Castelli, Alexandr Nikiti, Carlo Rossi, November 2015.

20th Tennis Coach Conference by Slovene Tennis Coach Association at Otočec (Slovenia), speakers: Aleš Filipčič, Hrvoje Zmajić, Tomaž Mencinger, Marko Por, Gordan Janković, Nikola Niki Pilić, Goran Schevchenko, Zlatko Soše, Tomaž Berendijaš, Bogdan Janša, Dušan Milojković, Blaž Trupej, Anže Bašelj, Vjeran Bayo Friščić, Nikica Nadali, Tone Lovšinj December 2015.

• 2nd Smrikva Bowl Tennis Talents Family Week 2016 – SBTTFW 2016 (Sensation, Breathing and Muscle Release – Rhythm, Timing and Acceleration, Ideal Point of Contact, Movement, Momentum): speaker: Luca Appino, April 2016.

18th International Tennis Symposium at Centro Pavesi Milano (Italy), speakers: Massimo Rossi, Alberto Castellani, Patricio Remodegui, Javier Duarte, Fabrizio Senatore, Elena Casiraghi, Maurizio Rapellini, Oriana Amata, Gianluca Carbone, Jose Perlas, November 2016.

• 3rd Smrikva Bowl Tennis Talents Family Week 2017 – SBTTFW 2017 (1. 5 Senses, 2. Muscular release and acceleration, 3. Ideal impact zone, 4. Timing, rhythm and footwork, 5. Tactics: 5 options and Momentum): speaker: Luca Appino, April 2017.

3rd International Symposium FIT-PTR at Foro Italico – Rome (Italy), speakers: Michelangelo Dell’Edera, Nick Bollettieri, Massimo Sartori, Emma Doyle, Emilio Sanchez, Lorenzo Beltrame, Dalibor Sirola, Craig O’Shannesy, Dermot Sweeney, Judy Murray, Patrick Mouratoglou, May 2017.

19th International Tennis Symposium at Centro Pavesi Milano (Italy), speakers: Massimo Rossi, Massimo Rapetti, Patricio Remodegui, Stefano Galbani, Laura Golarsa, Jean Philippe Fleurian, Alberto Castellani, Rainer Schuettler, Dirk Hardorff, Jellali Issam, Paulo Escalona, Saeid Ahmadvand, Dragos Luscan, Dimitros Katsanos, Mark Tuen-Matthews, Duje Tomasovic, Carlo Rossi, Aldo Antonelli, Stefano Tamorri, Otello Sorato, Jose Perlas, November 2017.

List of the SPEAKERS followed on Symposiums, Conferences and Classes:

• Saeid Ahmadvand
• Oriana Amata
• Aldo Antonelli
• Luca Appino
• Luca Avagnina
• Boris Balent
• Mike Barrel
• Petar B.Tudor
• Lorenzo Beltrame
• Manuela Benzi
• Tomaž Berendijaš
• Anže Bešelj
• Nick Bollettieri
• Franco Bonaiti
• Luigi Bertino
• Simone Bertino
• Marc Blouin
• Carolina Blouin
• Luca Bottazzi
• Luciano Botti
• Jean-Marie Bouchy
• Alberto Bovone
• Chip Brooks
• Fabrizio Caldaroni
• Gianluca Carbone
• Luigi Casale
• Elena Casiraghi
• Alberto Castellani
• Franco Castelli
• Sandra Cecchini
• Antonio Q.Cipolla
• Gianni Clerici
• Fulvio Consoli
• Ken De Hart
• Michelangelo Dell’Edera
• Jorge Dipasquale
• Stefano Dolce
• Emma Doyle
• Javier Duarte
• Marijan Dugandžić
• Paulo Escalona
• Aleš Filipčič
• Jean Philippe Fleurian
• Francesco Foschi
• Vjeran Bayo Friščić

• Renzo Furlan
• Stefano Galbani
• Tiziano Gamba
• Francesco Gambetti
• Laura Golarsa
• Claudio Grassi
• Dirk Hardorff
• Ico Humić
• Jellali Issam
• Gordan Janković
• Bogdan Janša
• Gabriel Jaramillo
• Luke Jensen
• Dimitrios Katsanos
• Mila Knežević
• Tone Lovšinj
• Dragos M.Luscan
• Gorio Mandozzi
• Sammy Marcantognini
• Mark Maslowski
• Fabrizio Menabue
• Tomaž Mencinger
• Claudio Mezzadri
• Luka Milanović
• Dušan Milojković
• Luca Mondezzai
• Patrick Mouratoglou
• Judy Murray
• Toni Nadal
• Nikica Nadali
• Salvador Navarro
• Alexandr Nikiti
• Dario Novak
• Craig O’Shannesy
• Erasmo Palma
• Renato Palma
• Daniel Panajotti
• Alessandra Parroni
• Jose Perlas
• Pietro M. Picotti
• Claudio Pistolesi
• Nikola Niki Pilić
• Danilo Pizzorno
• Marko Por
• Massimo Puci
• Fabrizio Procino

• Maurizio Rapellini
• Massimo Rapetti
• Roberto Ravizza
• Patricio Remodegui
• Federico Ricci
• Pepe Rigamonti
• Claudio Rigolo
• Daniel Romero
• Barbara Rossi
• Carlo Rossi
• Massimo Rossi
• Massimo Sartori
• Goran Schevchenko
• Herbert Schnaubelt
• Rainer Schuettler
• Fabrizio Senatore
• Adriana Serrazanetti
• Rainer Shuettler
• Eduardo Silva
• Otello Sorato
• Guglielmo Sorci
• Zlatko Soše
• Jonas Svensson
• Luka Svilar
• Dermot Sweeney
• Dalibor Sirola
• Stefano Tamorri
• Mark Tennant
• Duje Tomasović
• Mladen Tomšić
• Blaž Trupej
• Mark Tuen-Matthews
• Marco Vecchi
• Miljenko Vidović
• Gianluca Vignali
• Gennaro Volturo
• Hrvoje Zmajić


BAILEY – Footwork DVD.

BOLLETTIERI NICK and LUCIANI LANCE, The strategy zone; Coaching edition, The Complete On Court Strategy Training Program, 4 – DVD – Set (Control, Hurt, Finish).

BOLLETTIERI NICK and LUCIANI LANCE, The strategy zone disc; Using the Program Disc (Control, Hurt and Finish), 2005.

BOLLETTIERI NICK and LUCIANI LANCE, Nick’s core program “Control” Disc, 2005.

BOLLETTIERI NICK and LUCIANI LANCE, Nick’s core program “Hurt” with Margie Zesinger and Lance Luciani, 2005.

BOLLETTIERI NICK and LUCIANI LANCE, Nick’s core program “Finish” Disc, 2005.

BOLLETTIERI NICK and LUCIANI LANCE, Nick’s strategic tips – 12 Strategic tips for the modern game of tennis, 2004.

BOLLETTIERI NICK and LUCIANI LANCE, Nick’s strategic footwork moves with Jose Lambert – 10 moves of the modern tennis game, 2005.

BOLLETTIERI NICK and LUCIANI LANCE, Nick’s strategic serve placement and spins with Pat Dougherthy, 2005.

BOLLETTIERI NICK and LUCIANI LANCE, Nick’s strategic coaches corner with Jose Lambert, 2005.

BOLLETTIERI NICK, Nick’s practice with a purpose – The Backboard, 2003.

BOLLETTIERI NICK, Nick’s perfect one hour workout, 2003.

CAPESTANY JORGE and DEHART KEN, Top Tennis Tips from Around the World, presented by PTR Professional Tennis Registry, 2010.

DINOFFER JOE, Agility & Quickness, Drills for Kids.

DINOFFER JOE, Just for Kids, 200 Games & Skill Builders, ages 6-12.

DINOFFER JOE, Kids & ladders, Oncourt Off court, Ltd. 2006.

PIATTI RICCARDO & LJUBICIC IVAN con la collaborazione di LUIGI BERTINO, Servizio a 360 gradi, Progetto Video Tennis e PTR.

PIATTI RICCARDO & LJUBICIC IVAN con la collaborazione di SALVADOR SOSA, Diritto: gli appoggi, Progetto Video Tennis e PTR.

PROFESSIONAL TENNIS REGISTRY (PTR), Effective Feeding Techniques, Oivind Sorvald, 2011.

PROFESSIONAL TENNIS REGISTRY (PTR), Preparation for Certification, 3rd Edition, 2007.

PROFESSIONAL TENNIS REGISTRY (PTR), Ken DeHart – Drills for Advanced Players, 2009.

STRATEGY ZONE – Movements Tips – NICK’s 10 Strategic Footwork Moves with Jose Lambert, 2005.

STRATEGY ZONE – Strategic Tips “Handling Conditions at Tournaments”.

VECCHI MARCO and MARCANTOGNINI SAMMY, Imparare e’ bello! The beauty of learning, ASI PTR, 2010.



• Stefan Sladakovic (2008) – under 10 age group
• Tara Sladakovic (2005) – under 12 age group
• Leonard Lozančić (2003) – under 14 age group

over the years a long list of children & adults played & learned a little bit more about tennis on our courts and some of them were successful to reach US College level

• Sandra Žmak
• Deni Žmak (former #1 TE under 16)
• Nikolina Grbac (former #1 HTS under 16)
• Maja Plavšić

and some were good competitors at Croatian National Level…

• Ariana Rabac – best ranking #12 under 12 HTS
• Silvia Brgić – best ranking #4 under 14 HTS
• Massimo Stupar – competed U12 and U14 HTS
• Karlo Kajin

CONTACT ADRESS – Smrikve Tennis School La Bottega

Stinjanska Cesta, 91
52100 Pula
Istra – Croatia

Tel/Fax: +385 (0)52 51 70 11

Please visit to learn more about Smrikve, Istria from Smrikve, Smrikva Bowl, one of the most important under 10 tennis tournaments in the World, and Villa Smrikve, for your accommodation with swimming pool in Stinjan (Pula – Pola) if you decide to spent your holiday in Istria, Croatia.

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